Celebrating 15 Years of Success in The Cloud

It's a big moment for us at PointClick, as we celebrate reaching our 15-year anniversary. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, our staff, and our vendors for helping us get here. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re proud to say that we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses on their digital transformation journeys. We look forward to serving you for another 15 years.

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When I migrated to the United States from The Gambia at the age of 15, I used to dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

But all that changed when I discovered computers in 1992. I wanted to know how they worked, and how technology could contribute towards the advancement of knowledge, innovation, and disruption.

When I gave my resignation notice to my full-time IT job in 2006, the CEO of the company I worked for called me into his office. He first congratulated me for taking the leap and asked, “Malik, are you scared?” Yes, I responded. He then said, “if you weren’t scared then you’re not human”.

That year, PointClick Technologies was born.

Here we are fifteen years later, still going strong and continuing to grow while staying resilient, relevant, and innovative in a space that is constantly changing.

We thank all PointClick staff, customers, vendor partners, and many more for helping us get to this important milestone. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To the next fifteen years!

Malik A. Khan
Founder & CEO
PointClick Technologies, LLC.


Dave Buten CEO of Budget Challenge

PointClick does all the ‘little things’ that you only begin to appreciate after you’ve experienced hosting elsewhere.

Chris Chodnicki Co-founder of R2integrated

Those that know the importance of customer service will be blown away. I highly recommend PointClick.

Choots Humphries CEO of LinkConnector

Superb in providing our company with expert advice, meeting all our IT and phone system needs. Since working with PointClick, we no longer require internal IT staff.

Barry Porter Executive Director at American Red Cross

PointClick has provided exceptional service since Day 1 and has been reliable and proactive.

Rich Kilby Founder of Barefoot Press

Since we started working with PointClick in 2006, our IT services have continued to evolve with their help and guidance.

Sommer Wisher Executive Director at Wake Smiles

OMG, Thank you for this! I am so thankful for your continued support. PointClick is AMAZING!

Jeff Stocks CEO of The Nautical Group

Malik is a man of his word and has always delivered on what he says he would do, which is why we choose PointClick.


As a couple who grew up in The Gambia, PointClick founders Malik Khan and Awamary Lowe-Khan are passionate about giving back to the country.

PointClick has invested over $1.8 million into West Africa’s smallest mainland nation through its social impact project “Innovate Gambia”.

This initiative was created to foster and elevate economic development.

It started with the notion of rebuilding and revitalizing the country; by increasing innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, and workforce development.

All this was sparked by the lack of opportunities and jobs which has led many young Gambians to risk their lives and attempt to migrate to the West the “back way”.

The idea for Innovate Gambia was born in June 2017, in the Khan’s kitchen in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. As Awamary was cooking dinner, Malik turned to her and asked, “if they can’t get to the opportunities, why can’t we bring the opportunities to them?”. She responded, “Yes, why don’t we create a hub for youth workforce development and startups, a space dedicated to female entrepreneurs, a digital transformation initiative and some sort of innovation fund?”

She then went on to name each of the initiatives. “The workspace will be called The Disruptive Lab, the women center, The Woman Boss, the digital transformation initiative will be Digitize Gambia and the innovation fund will be called The Gambia Community Innovation Fund, and we will run all these initiatives under an umbrella initiative called Innovate Gambia”.

The couple went on to pledge $1M of their own personal wealth to contribute towards turning Innovate Gambia into a reality. PointClick matched this with an additional $800,000.

Since 2017, Innovate Gambia has:

Housed 150+ Entrepreneurs and Startups at The Disruptive Lab

Launched The Gambia’s and West Africa’s first Female-only dedicated space for Women and Girls: The Woman Boss.

Organized and hosted 90+ Events

Delivered 1800+ hours of Training on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Technology

Reached Over 7000 Women + Girls

Launched an Online Media Platform for disruptors, innovators and change-makers in Africa: Disrupt TV.

Enabled 5000+ hours of events and meetings

Invested in five Local Startups